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High Quality Professional LearningWe invest in ongoing learning and support that is related to your work in the classroom with students. PLUS you will be equipped with the best technology.

Whole Child Focus: You will be supported in creating a positive climate and culture for students of all abilities and backgrounds.

Journey of a Graduate: Implement student achievement strategies set around core skills and competencies essential to student success beyond graduation.



OUR Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

We recruit and retain the most talented people, because our students thrive when they have role models who share their background and identity; are trained to identify and support all their needs; and are active members of our community.

MSD Warren's Human Resources Department is committed to assisting both staff and applicants find needed resources and get questions answered in an efficient, timely manner. We believe that it is our responsibility to assist both employees and potential employees in a respectful, comprehensive manner. Besides being available to our current employees, we are extremely interested in hiring quality educators and educational support personnel who can provide the very best learning environment for Warren students.

Brian Simkins, Chief HRO

Brian Simkins

Chief Human Resource Officer

Dr. Tierney Anderson

Dr. Tierney Anderson

Deputy Human Resource Officer for Diversity, Equity & Belonging

Pam Griffin

Pamala Griffin

Deputy Human Resource Officer