The Maintenance Team alongside Custodial Staff, maintains approximately 21 facilities in Warren Township, making all facilities a comfortable learning environment.

Office Fax Number: (317) 532-2839

Director of Facilities:
Jerry Crites                                    
Office Phone Number: (317) 532-2804

Assistant Director:
Steve Jewell
Office Phone Number: (317) 532-2830

Assistant Director:
Greg Wert
Office Phone Number: (317) 532-2818

Facilities Administrator:

Terri Andrews
Office Phone Number: (317) 532-2801

Office Manager, Porter Service Center:
Karrie Taylor
Office Phone Number: (317) 532-2802


Federal law requires that school corporations conduct a re-inspection for friable and non-friable asbestos-containing materials every three years. The triennial re-inspection is conducted by the State of Indiana accredited asbestos inspector. The field inspection was performed on June 11, 2020 by Micro Air, Inc. All of the requirements for conducting AHERA triennial re-inspections as spelled out under 40 CFR 763.85, Paragraph B, have been met as part of this re-inspection. Copies of these reports are maintained at the Porter Service Center, 9150 Rawles Avenue.

Indoor Air Quality
Coordinator, Stephen Jewell -,
Air Quality Policy

GreenQuest is a free online energy tracking tool - a personal energy dashboard that enables community members to track and and analyze the energy use for their home or place of business. At, residents can track their energy use and cost; compare their building with its peers; evaluate energy saving projects; track their carbon footprint; and analyze energy use with AccuWeather weather data.