MSD Warren Township Lead Testing

Lead Testing Information for Families & Community

Since 2021, the MSD Warren Township Schools, the Indiana Finance Authority, and 120Water have partnered in a proactive effort to sample drinking water in all Warren Township School buildings to ensure it meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for schools.  

The MSD of Warren Township receives water services from Citizen Energy Group. Lead is not present in the water when it leaves Citizen's facility, and Citizens Energy Group has no lead in its distribution pipes either. However, due to age or lack of use,  lead can get into the water via building pipes and plumbing fixtures.  This testing is not currently required by law, but the MSD of Warren Township decided to undertake this process as a precaution. Therefore, we successfully tested 1692  water sources across the District.  This includes every water fountain, each sink, and any water fixtures in the kitchens of our buildings.  

The EPA’s Revised Lead and Copper Rule requires action if lead levels are over 15 ppb. One ppb is equivalent to a single drop of water in 55,000 gallons. That’s approximately the number of gallons of water needed to fill a 25 by 50-foot pool with an average depth of 6 feet.

To provide our students, staff, and community members with the ultimate safety measures, the MSD Warren Township has decided to use a lower threshold.  We determined that 10 (ppb), not 15 (ppb), would be our actionable level. Any fixture above this level was immediately taken out of service by turning the water off and bagging the fixture as out of order. Additionally, the MSD of Warren Township added filters to all drinking fountains. The filters provide 10 (ppb) or less.  Elementary schools were prioritized, with middle and high school following.  

Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, the MSD of Warren Township will continue to sample drinking water on a 5-year schedule.  The District continues to identify and replace pipes, fixtures, and plumbing in our schools with galvanized pipes that may cause water discoloration or poor taste.  

More Information: 

  • 2,115 tests were completed on 1692 fixtures.

    • 1335 Faucets

    • 193 Bottle Fillers

    • 140 Drinking Fountains

    • 10 Cooking Kettle Fillers

    • 14 Ice Machines

  •  258 failed and were replaced or had filters added.

    • 252 Faucets

    • 5 Cooking Kettle Fillers

    • 1 Drinking Fountain

MSD Warren Township is committed to providing our students and staff with the safest and healthiest environment possible.  We have an extensive Indoor Air Quality process along with our water testing.  Please keep an eye out for future health and safety updates.