Frequently Asked Questions - Planned eLearning Day - December 23, 2022

What is a Planned eLearning Day?

The National Weather Service has placed Marion County and central Indiana under a Winter Storm Watch for late Thursday evening, all day Friday, and into the weekend. The forecast is calling for extreme cold temperatures, dangerous wind chills, and the potential for accumulating snow. For the safety of our students and staff, all MSD Warren Township Schools will be closed on Friday, December 23rd. K-12 students will participate in an asynchronous elearning day, which means they will work independently on assigned lessons and activities.

How much time is the student expected to work online during the eLearning Day?

No minimum or maximum amount of time is expected. Students should complete their work carefully, using the amount of time that is appropriate for them.  Planned eLearning assignments are not intended to match hour for hour of the typical in-person school day.  Teachers will post assignments that align with material that has already been taught to allow students to focus on further developing their mastery of the content. 

 What if students are unable to complete their assignments on eLearning Day?

Students will have five days upon return to school to turn in their assignments.  If students need additional support, their teachers will be able to provide that upon their return to school.  

How will eLearning be monitored and counted for attendance?

Because we see the use of eLearning Days as part of a student’s normal learning experience, accountability for students will rely on completion and assessment of work. Teachers will assess the student’s work and determine if the student has met the instructional goals for the day.  Attendance for planned eLearning days will be calculated at the conclusion of the 5 day work completion window.  For a student to be counted “present” on 12/23, all work must be completed and submitted by Friday, January 13th.  

What if a student does not have access to the internet?

Teachers are aware that not all students have Internet access at home and will provide accommodations when necessary for students without home internet access. Coursework assigned on an eLearning day will not be due until five school days after we return to school. Students without Internet connection have the opportunity to complete work over the following 5 days allowing for students to make arrangements to use the public areas for access.

How can I support my student(s)during an eLearning Day?  

Parents and Caregivers can support their students in a variety of ways on eLearning days.  There are resources posted below that will aid you in your support of your student.  

Resource (link)


Canvas Parent/Caregivers Guide

Canvas is a “Learning Management System” that helps your child interact with all their online assignments.  Canvas allows parents/caregivers to be observers in their child's courses.  This allows parents to see course information, pages, assignments, and grades.  This guide provides detailed information about accessing your child’s courses as a parent.     

eLearning Parent Support Guide

While participating in eLearning days, MSD Warren Township is aware that students may still require accommodations as documented within their Individual Learning Plan (ILP), Individual Education Plan (IEP) and 504.  Below is a list of accommodations you may find helpful in supporting your child’s needs with the eLearning assignments if your child receives any specific exceptional learner services.   


Parents and Caregivers can login to “ParentVue” to access grades, attendance, testing scores, and other important student records.  If you need access to ParentVue you can contact your child’s school or complete this request form online.  


MSD of Warren Township uses ParentSquare for school-to-home communication, primarily with email, text, and app notifications.

Due to participation in professional development, teachers will not be available to respond to messages during the planned eLearning day.  ParentSquare is a great tool to communicate any learning needs or questions that come up on eLearning day.  As a reminder, students will receive support upon their return to school and have five days to submit their assignments.